September 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

The body is not at all in awareness.  Waking is noticeably without thought. Yet, the sense of form soon begins from an experience of warmth and soft, weightless bulk that is the duvet, followed by a contrarient sense of weight beneath it that gives rise to a recognition of  randomly arranged limbs. The bottle top is loosened now and thoughts rise up and pop like bubbles in what was still water. The mover experiences something resembling loss and tries unsuccessfully to tighten the bottle top again.


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  • izzy terry says:

    I read this remembering.I am the mover experiencing loss.I am under my duvet pulled right up over my head.I am surrounded by a soft sung darkness. Damp skin, pouring snot, aching diaphragm, safe in here to cry.

    • I imagine the mover’s body curled around its aching belly. I imagine the several fluids present and uncontrollaly flowing. I am aware of a flinch associated with wounding in my chest and eyes. There is a solidity in my belly and above it a small in-out of breath. I imagine letting go of this hardness through a wailing flow of tears that would contort my face, and yet the thought of the resulting space evokes fear and the image of the small identity I call me drifting away on a wave of letting go.

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