October 25, 2010 § 2 Comments

The thumb moves towards the palm and the fingers curl inwards over it. A loose fist. The mover allows the tension in the fist to accumulate until a muscular sensation is felt through the arm. A tight fist. The mover then allows the tension to diminish from hard to soft and notices the fingers and thumb uncurling. Stillness. Sigh. In this moment, experiencing is recognised as a tension arising out of consciousness and it is the release of this particular tension which leads the mover into the source.


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§ 2 Responses to fist

  • As I read your post my left hand closes round the thumb, I half heartedly mimic the action of your writing, almost involunatrily interrupting the busy flow of my morning work… I am aware of an hour’s difference in our time zones and feel happy to hear your voice across the sea.. a suprise gift that brings me back to myself on this Monday morning

  • The mover reads and experiences a dropping sensation inside the body; something is relaxing in the presence of something or someone familiar. Geography becomes irrelevant in the presence of friendship.

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