June 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

It appears with more and more clarity like the recognition of a taste or a scent. Every word, gesture, idea or action that seems to have occured since she awoke exists only in her imagination, co-existing alongside the content of an imagined day ahead. Even that which she calls now is unreal, for it vanishes in the grasping. So, nothing is real, she admits, and sanity floods the moment, like a fluid rush, membranes disolving.


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§ 2 Responses to sanity

  • As she reads she feels a tangle in her brain, unable to unravel meaning, unable or unwilling? She becomes aware that she has spent the last 24 hours in narrative, sedative, imaginary ‘time’… maintaining constant attention on a mundane level to avoid the very act which she cliams she needs time and space for- thinking deeply of her life, decision making, understandingl An old pattern, not taking the time when it appears. She consoles herself by thinking that the unconscious mind has been busy and her state of relative energy means this was the right way to be.

    • There are apparent stories unfolding about you, about me. Someone I call I and someone you call you muses about a past and daydreams about a future and its all OK these plans and wishes, regrets and dreams. It is ‘the right way to be’. But, unravel the tangle. Unpick the seams and pull the threads, straighten it all out and have a look. Let your inner witness have a clear and direct look at the simple fact of your own being, the simple fact of unchanging present awareness. Bx

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