January 19, 2012 § 2 Comments

If thinking is movement, then not thinking is stillness, she reasons, but the concept of thinking and not thinking are both equally thoughts of themselves. She repeats this falteringly, following the words like tracks in the mud. The shift from thinking to not thinking, she continues, the shift from movement to stillness so sought, is absolutely not what it appears to be. Smiling, everything vanishes save for the cold damp windy walking of the day.


§ 2 Responses to tracks

  • aki says:

    what’s come up for me after reading your piece today:
    not thinking is not stillness itself. thoughts continue, though there may be moments when they cease by themselves if not fuelled by active thinking. stillness is what arises in between thoughts – what’s hidden behind thoughts all the time. so in a sense, stillness holds movements. it’s full of life and is dynamic. yet, stillness is stillness – it’s always there. we say ‘stop thinking’ or ‘let go of thinking’ – so we can peak at the full potential of dynamic life. when one observes this, one is quiet, sometimes one is no longer there yet savours ‘life’ beyond names, forms, time and space. what’s there is just there as they are.

    I am now looking out of the window and been in awe of incredible clouds formation moving across the sky. Then I see also the sky in between and behind. It’s such an old well used metaphor, but it is just like that. Isn’t it?

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