a fragrance of May

May 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

The crush and scuff of her Crocs on the uneven grassy path, lumpy with clover permeate her attention.  Birds are sounding but only a blackbird is recognised, the others remaining comfortably anonymous. The way meanders alongside a froth of  hawthorn and lacy remnants of cow parsley which render into the unmoving day a cloud of invisible, musty, bittersweetness. Gradually the sense of Miss Haversham arises, walking between ranks of overgrown hedges and topiary, rustling in tucks and folds of ageing silk and trailing such a scent as this. Eyes unseeing she does not look down and see the daisies like little pops of innocence at her feet.


§ 2 Responses to a fragrance of May

  • Very evocative with crush, scuff and ‘pops of innocence’ (this last particularly satisfying). I feel like I’m there, and I love the reference to Miss Havisham.

    • Thank you Karin. I always look forward to your response as much as I look forward to you fb posts. And, now I also know that Haversham is quite possibly Havisham and that spelling does not need to get in the way of meaning.

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