November 8, 2016 § Leave a comment

collar up, booted and suited to walk the line between land and sea, one sure foot in front of the other in metronomic meditation, wind blowing so hard it might blow me right side out again, the shriek of gulls coursing in and out of the world’s edge, shredding the windy silence with small rips and tears, and a family now, children with runny noses and glistening eyes like small wet stones, dogs darting left and right on another path that plaits my own. Further now further, and a clump of walkers staring out to the rocks delight in the sight of seals that bob up from the deep, short smiley greetings, then on again, on again, alone and yet not, a solitary figure holds a cup to the wind, chanting words of departure while a drift of dust lifts, coagulates, curls and disperses, all that was earthbound now wind blown, making it’s way to the New World. And on again, on again, one booted foot in front of the other.


Thanks to OneTreeBohemia Melissa Fu for November inspiration

random word generator prompt #5, #freewrite #minimaledit #poetrysketch



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