November 8, 2016 § Leave a comment

Quick likes to jump out of sleep at the first alarm, to start the day with a start, to be first off the blocks and to hit the ground running. Quick loves a rush of hormones, a surge of caffeine, and a sugar storm. Quick is harefooted, rash, acts now and asks questions later, if there’s time for that at all. Quick is addicted to first impressions, gut reactions and love at first sight and Quick always bounces back. Quick runs away from Slow, fears Slow, fears falling behind the pack, the movers, the shakers. Slow doesn’t care. Slow is completely unfazed. Slow is the mellow in the marsh, the tortoise in Zeno’s grove.

Thanks to OneTreeBohemia Melissa Fu for November inspiration

random word generator prompt #6, #freewrite #minimaledit #poetrysketch

What is Zeno’s paradox? Check here.




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